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…but all is not lost!

We’re sorry to say that Lit is currently not available in your area. But if we receive enough interest from your street, that could change. We’re always looking for towns that need upgrades to their broadband, so if enough people in your town register their interest in Lit, we’ll investigate whether we can help!

So simply register your interest in Lit Fibre using the form below. We’ll keep you updated on any plans to roll out in your area, plus special offers including prices not available on our website.

And don’t forget to encourage your neighbours to register too – the more people from your street that register, the more likely your town will get Lit!

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What’s so special about Full Fibre?

Full Fibre is the future of broadband. It offers rock solid connection using fibre optic cables connected all the way from the exchange directly into your home.

And the speed is off the scale – up to 1Gb/second (that’s 1,000Mb/second!). Or, in other words, up to 18x faster than UK average speed*, with symmetrical download and upload speeds. It’s the full package.

At-a-glance comparison

FTTPfull fibre
Line type:Fibre-optic cables all the way from the exchange into your homeSpeeds:Up to 1,000MbReliability:Rock solid
FTTC“partial” fibre
Line type:Fibre to the cabinet in the street, with analogue copper lines to your homeSpeeds:Up to 80Mb (if you’re lucky)Reliability:Inconsistent
Line type:Analogue copper linesSpeeds:Up to 17MbReliability:Poor
*Broadband speed calculations: The UK’s average broadband speeds are 50.4Mbps for downloads, compared to Lit Fibre’s top package average speed of 900Mbps (not achievable by a single device over Wi-Fi). Average speeds taken from Ofcom’s UK Home Brand Performance report Sept 2021.