You're in control

Be the master of your full-fibre broadband connection

The My Lit Fibre App puts home network management at your fingertips.

Test your performance

The App enables you to see how your connection is performing. You'll be able to test your speed whenever you want and if (in the unlikely event) your service goes down, you can use the network map to see where the issue is.

Encourage more family time

Spend more quality time with your kids with tech-free gaming (we call them board games) by enabling and disabling internet access with a quick swipe. You can also set time limits to make sure bed time means bed time.

Manage your devices

See exactly what is connected to your WiFi network and where. You can make your smart home even smarter (and ensure there's no naughty hangers-on using your wireless network).

Protect yourself

Having some work done in your home or planning a house party? Set up an ultrafast network for your visitors. Keep your own WiFi password safe and disconnect their connection when they leave. By creating a guest network, you can also protect your devices from external threats.

The My Lit Fibre App is quick and easy to use - and is compatible with Android and Apple devices. You can download the app through the App Store or Google Play and follow the simple instructions to set it up. If you need help, just get in touch with us.

Any questions?

We're straightforward, customer-obsessed and promise not to blind you with science. So go ahead, ask us anything.

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