Lit Fibre launches its 1Gig full-fibre broadband services in Wiltshire


Lit Fibre, a brand-new Gigabit ISP, today announced that it is launching its full-fibre broadband services in Corsham and Chippenham, providing residents access to 1 Gigabit download and upload speeds. 

Work to install the new 10Gig capable fibre infrastructure is well underway, with service expected to go live from June 2021. 

Once the service is live, residents will be able to boost their current broadband speeds to 100Mbps, 500Mbps or 1Gig. All packages offer equally fast download and upload speeds, important for bandwidth hungry households. 

Tom Williams, CEO Lit Fibre, said: “We’re delighted to launch our services in Corsham and Chippenham. The past year has clearly demonstrated the importance of having a robust home internet connection in our digital world. With more people using their home broadband for work, school, video streaming, gaming, and other bandwidth intensive applications, the pressure on copper-based services is only increasing. We recognise that consistent speeds, a reliable connection and excellent customer service are all important factors for today’s consumer. By switching to a full-fibre network, consumers can enjoy an enhanced experience, without compromise.”