What happens on installation day?

Connecting you to Lit Fibre is easier than you think. In a few steps, you'll be part of our full-fibre network:


Installation booking

After placing your order, you can book a convenient time and date for your installation. It takes around 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type of installation needed.

Step 1: Outside

The first step is to connect your home to our full-fibre broadband network. Our engineers will fix a small bracket to the outside of your home. They will then run the fibre optic cable from the nearest telegraph pole, along the wall of your home and push it through a new, neatly drilled 10mm hole in the wall. Please note, for health and safety reasons, we will need to drill additional holes to secure our ladders to your wall - once we've finished, we'll fill the holes in.

Step 2: Inside

Inside your property, the new cable is connected to an ONT (optical network terminal) which is fixed on your wall. The ONT is then connected to your brand-new Lit Hub. You're just minutes away from experiencing your speedy new service...

Step 3: Wow!

The engineer will configure the new Lit Hub and help you set up WiFi on a few of your devices so you can test the ultrafast speeds for yourself. We recommend downloading the My Lit Fibre App so you can monitor your new service whenever you wish.

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What happens next?

Your ultrafast broadband is now good to go. Enjoy! Behind the scenes, your Lit Hub will be searching for the best channel to optimise your WiFi connection (this may take a day or two). If you have any questions or would like some help, please get in touch with our Customer Support team.

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How to make install day run smoothly

It usually takes about three hours to get your home connected. Here are a few things you need to do before our engineers arrive on install day:

If you live in rented accommodation, don't forget to ask your landlord's permission to have a hole drilled through the wall for our fibre cable.

Our engineer will need space to work so please make sure they have room to move around the place where your ONT and Lit Hub will be installed.

Your new Lit Hub will need a power connection. Make sure there is a socket nearby with space for two new plugs, one for the Lit Hub and one for the new ONT (optical network terminal).

Think about where you want your Lit Hub placed. Our engineer will advise on placement for maximum speed and connection strength.

Do you need your WiFi to cover a large area?

Worried about speed issues in the corners of your home? Contact us to discuss mesh networking for additional coverage. Please note that we charge a small monthly fee if you would like additional units.

Still have questions?

Give our Customer Support team a call - they're ready to help.

Call or email from 8AM - 8PM, 7 days a week.